Why You Should Schedule a Lifeline Screening Now

Lifeline screening

At Life Line Screening, screening services are done by competent and highly-trained medical practitioners. The EKG and ultrasound screenings offered are painless and affordable. Accuracy is upheld throughout this process. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Lifeline Screening.

Preparing for lifeline screening

Many screenings require a lot of uncomfortable preparations, e.g., fasting for days. However, this is not the case of lifeline screening. In fact, it requires little or no preparations. It is wise to know the types of screenings offered by this company before visiting them as follows:

  • Blood screening (finger-stick) – e.g., glucose and stroke screening.
  • Limited electrocardiograph – conducted to reveal irregular heartbeat, a condition also known as atrial fibrillation.
  • Ultrasound screening/ sonography – here, waves are used to show the images of internal body parts. Lab-accurate results will be revealed since the technicians will use high-quality equipment during this process.

What to wear or avoid during lifeline screening

You are required to wear a short-sleeved shirt and dodge turtleneck when going for stroke (carotid artery disease) screening. Also, avoid wearing oil/lotion, a watch or pantyhose in readiness for atrial fibrillation screening. Instead, you should wear comfortable loose clothing, e.g., two-piece outfit.

For peripheral arterial disease screening, it is advisable to wear comfortable, loose short-sleeved blouse or shirt. You should also avoid wearing pantyhose. Some screenings require a 12-hours fasting for accurate results, e.g., type 2 diabetes (glucose screening) and complete lipid panel.

What to expect during this lifeline screenings

Everyone should be ready to spend an hour during a typical screening process and a few minutes for paperwork. This, however, depends on the number of tests done. Technicians will be prompt not to interrupt with your schedule.

Your privacy will also be taken into serious consideration. You will not be required to remove clothes during the process. It is also wise to take note that equipment used during this process are advanced for more accurate results.

Why go for screening

Cardiovascular diseases have claimed many lives. It is therefore paramount to prevent this by scheduling a lifeline screening. It is essential as it will detect the following at an early stage: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, e.g., atrial fibrillation among othe

It is advisable to visit Life Line Screening for early detection of the conditions mentioned above. Serious health issues will, therefore, be avoided thus reducing death risk. Be adequately prepared and dress comfortably before meeting with medical practitioners. Read more:http://www.lifelinescreening.com/What-We-Do/Find-a-Location