What You Didn’t Know About Francisco Domenech

Francisco J. Domenech Clinton Spokesman and also a former director of Legislative Services of Puerto was born in the year 1978 and where he spent his younger age in Florida attending Blessed Trinity Catholic School.


He is a great supporter of Puerto Rico Democrats that is under the umbrella of Puerto Rico Young Democrats in which he headed as their president in the year 2003. Domenech. Was among the supporters that spearheaded Puerto Rico in becoming one of the States in the United States.

As the President of Puerto Rico Young Democrats. He headed a 14 member team comprising of young professionals whose aim was to make an extensive campaign for Kerry/ Edward ticket. In the year 2003-2004 Pedro Rossello wanted to secure the governor’s slot. Francisco was engaged where he actively participated in the campaign and also did research on the opposition activities on a volunteer basis. In 20005 he was elected as a national officer of the Young Democrats and two years later he became the vice president of Democratic National Committee and was able to hold the position for two consecutive terms. This added in his legacy of being the first person to ever serve as a national officer for 7 continuous times, being a Vice President for two times and becoming the head of Democratic National Committee for 5 years. Connect with Francisco Domenech by visiting his linkedin account.

Professional background

Domenech practised law and had most of the cases in his favour despite the ruling being deemed unanimous. In 20005 he was elected twice to represent President Kenneth McClintock of the Senate of Puerto. currently, he runs a bipartisan government affair in Puerto Rico.

He is credited with the success of two Presidential campaign which he acted as the manager. In the media world, Mr Domenech is a regular commentator in Puerto Rico TV ( channel 6) and Wapa America(Channel 4) among others.


He is associated with a greatness of majority of philanthropic through his efforts both individually and through his foundation called Polytrack that majors in LOBBYING. Some of the philanthropic beneficiaries are Clinton Foundation and TASIS and Museum OF Art of Puerto Rico among others


Francisco Domenech has two degrees from the University of Puerto Rico one bachelor degree of Arts in Political Science and Juris Doctor degree.

In the academic year of 1999-2000, he was the head of the General Student Body Council and also served as the Academic Senator.


He is a great grand nephew of Manuel V. Domenech a member of Puerto Rico House of Representatives. Domenech is also cousin to Douglas Domenech who served as Deputy Chief of Staff during George Bush era.

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