Waiakea Bottled Water is Helping Those in Need

Nearly every documentary, article, and news story centered around environmental protection mentions plastic water bottles as a massive source of pollution. Yet people are still buying plastic, one-time-use water bottles for the convenience factor.

Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Bottled Water is not your average bottled water brand. They are trying to address the issues of pollution and environmental protection through their own sustainable practices. Their main idea was that if people are going to buy plastic water bottles anyhow, they might as well be buying a product that seeks to promote environmental programs and aims to see the world become a cleaner place. Most water bottle companies sell you their product, collect the profits, and leave it at that. Not Waiakea–they hope to continue the environmentally friendly effort well after you’ve recycled their product and it is all funded by its purchase. Not only are efforts in sustainability practiced after the sale of the water bottle but the company aims to be sustainable even well before the product is purchased. Waiakea utilizes sustainable bottling practices to package their Hawaiian volcanic water, which is naturally filtered, instead of being filtered with inefficient machinery and chemicals.

What’s more, Waiakea doesn’t stop at helping the planet. The bottled water brand is also increasing underprivileged communities’ access to clean water. The proceeds from the sale of this water also go directly to the charity Pump Aid. Pump Aid seeks to identify areas across the globe that do not have easy access to clean drinking water and provide these places with specialized pumps that provide them with the water they need. Waiakea bottled water sales focus specifically on providing clean water to the people of Malawi in Africa. Malawi is considered to be one of the most underdeveloped countries on the planet and thus is most in need of Waiakea and Pump Aid’s continued support. Waiakea is concerned with far more than just lining their own pockets with the money of consumers like other bottled water companies. They wish to make a difference in the world in respect to a topic that so many of us frequently take for granted.

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