Troy McQuagge Is Dedicated to Hard Work

Troy McQuagge is the renowned CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He’s the CEO of the Year “Gold Winner” for the One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards has a lot of esteem in the business world. It’s an international awards program that acknowledges business achievement from all different types of industries. It welcomes nominations from businesses that come from all areas of the planet. One Planet Awards carefully assesses private and public businesses alike. It evaluates not-for-profit and for-profit entities. It even analyzes businesses at all stages of the development process. The program takes established and tried and tested businesses into serious consideration. It takes brand new startups into consideration as well. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Troy McQuagge has been on the USHealth Group, Inc. team since 2010. He wasted absolutely no time after becoming part of the company, either. He began by reconstructing the firm’s captive distribution division. This is known as USHealth Advisors.

Troy McQuagge is a native of Panama City in warm and bright Florida. He now lives all the way in Coppell, Texas, which is a community that’s not at all far from Dallas. The diligent corporate executive is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. This is a public institution of higher learning that has a strong reputation in the state.

This businessman has extensive experience. He’s been a big player in the sales realm for more than three decades at this point. He began his career working in sales for health insurance companies. He landed a job with Allstate Insurance in the beginning of the eighties. He devoted a significant amount of time to his position at Allstate Insurance.

McQuagge is the kind of person who likes to keep up with the rest of the pack. He’s actually the kind of person who likes to find out about new things before others, too. He has a strong creative streak. That’s the reason he devotes a lot of time to social networking platforms such as Twitter. The CEO has a Twitter account and uses it to communicate with people regarding USHealth Group, Inc.