The Successful Life and Lessons of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works as an outside counselor for numerous companies that provide biotechnology, internet, aerospace, and defense services. He is also a founder and investor of a couple of firms that handle the provision of hospitality services. He has acquired a high level of experience in drafting, negotiating, and closing deals that involve the distribution of licenses and technology in the hardware, software, telecommunications, and internet fields. Mr. Hagele is experienced in making commercial agreements that are involved in marketing and purchases on intellectual property among others. Read more about Michael at

Before venturing into his current practice, he served in quite a number of internet companies. Michael Hagele was in charge of the legal affairs that included the administration of stock option plans, corporate governance, merger and acquisition processes, employment matters, and intellectual property strategies. Before he was handed these responsibilities, he worked at the Fenwick and West LLP as a member of the Licensing and Online Commerce Group at the Silicon Valley Offices. Michael Hagele attended the University of California, located in Berkeley, where he received a J.D. He also went to the University of Lowa and graduated with a B.A.

During an interview with ideamensch, Michael states that he has learned that small firms or an individual business owner can provide high-quality and reliable services to clients that venture into technology-based companies. He continues to say that he brings his ideas to life through persistence. One should be able to work with the information and opportunities available to them as these are the tools that help one to get to the next level.

As an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele thinks that one of the best habits that should be adapted by every business owner is prioritizing the customer. It is necessary that the client’s interests are identified and used to reach the desired goal. This will simplify your task as you are aware of what you want to achieve, raising the chances of delivering appropriately. He goes further to state that involving oneself in physical activity is essential as it facilitates the sharpening and recharging of the mind of a human being. Regardless of the limitations that you may face, you need to try and at least exercise each day for your brain to get stimulated as this enhances your creativity levels.

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