The success of InnovaCare Health led by Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a company that deals with innovation based on health issues worldwide. It implements solutions obtained through change with the aim of making sure that companies under health services provide quality health services through using modern techniques of treatment that goes hand in hand with the existing technology. This helps health service companies to run its activities more efficiently hence reducing the cost of operations.

To ensure that this objective of meeting quality health services in various places is attained, it works with its agents and other players in different areas who operatives their activities under the standards implemented by them and in so doing its objectives are achieved. The innovative solutions created and performed by InnovaCareHealth are done by its headquarters in Fort Lee and after implementation is then spread to those companies that work under them. The InnovaCare Health Company is a private company and through its operation and hard work in health sectors, it has been able to be recognized worldwide as being the successful company. To meet these standards of innovation and quality services, the companies have taken several risks dealing with innovation issues, and this has inspired many people including the beneficiaries and patients.

It also has expanded its operations to areas such as Puerto Rico. Locals in this area demanded good quality services in health services, and this led to the partnership of various health companies who came together under standards of InnovaCare Health companies to achieve this goal. They partnered mainly to use their resources maximally and also to combine their skills so that they can provide the quality services through innovation and use of modern technologies. The partners also were able to provide value chain services to their members such as TVs in the rooms. This strategy enabled them to be more competitive in the field of the health sector and in so doing they were able to be recognized across the world.

InnovaCare Health Company is also managed by several officials such as Penelope Kokkinides who is the chief administrator. She was the chief operating officer for several years before changing to chief administrator. Another official was Rick Shinto who is now the president at InnovaCare Health solutions. He also serves as the chief executive officer at the company. This official help in creating and implementing the solution obtained from innovation activities so that they can be used in health services.

Last but not least, an innovative official has awarded several people who work for a hand in them in ensuring quality health services. The president of United States of America was recognized during the biannual session as being one of the minorities in catering the health of victims of natural disasters.