The Resilient Herbalife Nutrition Corporation

The demand for healthy living globally has gone up especially with the emergence of health-related illnesses. In that case, various organizations have been established to help people deal with these issues the right way. Herbalife Nutrition in one such establishment and it is recognized universally for the services it offers from marketing, selling nutrition supplements, personal care products, sports nutrition and weight management. Being a multi-level marketing organization, Herbalife Nutrition sees to it that all the clients that approach them are attended to with utmost professionalism no matter their location. The corporation came into being in 1980 and became founded by Mark Hughes who started small by selling nutritional products from his car after a personal experience with his mother who died as a result of dietary issues. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles and has branches all over the world and therefore operates in 95 countries that have independent distributors of the company’s products. In that case, it means that Herbalife Nutrition has been doing well since inception considering that it has realized net sales of $4.5 billion in 2016 and these figures could have gone up currently.

Even though Herbalife Nutrition may seem to be doing well at the moment, it has gone through a lot of problems that have prompted changes that have seen it suffer from time to time. The resilience of the founder and those surrounding him though has seen it survive these hard times and come out strong. Mark Hughes the founder died in 2000, and the company was left under the management of Christopher Pair who led it for only one year. Later in 2002, the company was purchased by J.H Whitney & Company and Golden Gate Capital at a tune of $685 million, and it became a private company as it were under Mark Hughes. Under their management, Herbalife Nutrition got an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange worth $1.3 billion. After it had been accused to be a pyramid scheme, the corporation had to pay $200 million as fine to the United States Federal Trade Commission to settle those claims. Moving forward, Herbalife Nutrition had to start clean and therefore rebranded from Herbalife Limited to Herbalife Nutrition Limited. Currently, it has employed more than 8,000 individuals globally. Irrespective of all the challenges the corporation has faced which are typical for any business, it has managed to remain relevant in the market especially for the clients who are used to consuming their products.