The Outstanding Humanitarianism Of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon operating out of Eatontown, New Jersey. His career has resulted in innovation and expertise being brought to the medical field. His skill has attracted humanitarian groups, physicians and even the Saudi Royal Family. He is affiliated with two local hospitals. Dr. Saad Saad was educated at the Monmouth and Jersey Shore University Medical Centers. He is one of only 27 doctors at Monmouth specializing in surgery.


The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund approached Dr. Saad in 2002 due to a child of fifteen in the West Bank suffering from a gunshot wound. A doctor was necessary to perform surgery. His injuries were too severe for local treatment. This child was flown to the United States so Dr. Saad could operate. The boy had been shot in the stomach. It took Dr. Saad seven hours to repair the substantial internal injuries but he saved the boy’s life.


In 2010 another child from the West Bank required help because her intestines were exposed at birth. The girl was sent to the United States by the PCRF after the local doctors tried to help her for eighteen months. Dr. Saad covered the exposed area with what is referred to as a fig leaf cover. After a five hour surgery the girl was in substantially better condition.


Dr. Saad was approached by the PCRF again in 2013. A bomb at the Gaza Strip had hit a boy and his leg was paralyzed. This boy once played soccer and was now in a wheelchair. He required a nerve transplant for his leg to function again. Dr. Saad is not a nerve doctor but he located a qualified surgeon and ensured the boy received the best medical care. Eleven months after his nerve transplant he went back to the Gaza Strip to play soccer again.


In 2003 Dr. Saad was asked to perform surgery in Palestine. The PCRF needed his help. He went to help the underprivileged and poor unable to afford medical assistance. Dr. Saad has made this trip seven times. He wanted to share his skills with the local pediatric surgeons so they could help the locals better once he had left. He trained these surgeons and they watched his surgeries. By 2015 the local surgeons had the ability to perform most surgeries safely and effectively.


Due to the outstanding efforts of Dr. Saad in Palestine he received the PCRF Humanitarian Award in 2010. He was also presented with an additional humanitarian award by the Governor of Ramallah. In 2015 Dr. Saad met with Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine. He honored him with the Gold Medal of Palestine along with his personal thank you. Learn more: