The MIT School Of Science Praises Patty Rocklage

Today, the MIT School of Science is praising Patty Rocklage and her husband for the great financial gift they gave to the school. This financial gift is going to be used to renovate the new science lab the school recently built. This idea came to Patty Rocklage after she toured the facility with several nationally known science experts. The experts explained that the great lab would be shutting down due to lack of government funds.

Patty Rocklage wants to see the Massachusetts community as a whole strive towards perfection. This made her and her husband decide to give a wonderful financial gift to the school. The generous gift was enough to pay for physical renovations in the science lab and also technological renovations in the science lab. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

In the last few hours, the MIT School of Science published an article thanking Patty Rocklage for saving their science lab. They also stated in the article they do not know how to properly thank Patty and her husband for their generous donation.

In the coming weeks, the MIT School of Science will be hosting a banquet in honor of the renovation of their science lab. The MIT managers have already decided to allow Patty Rocklage and her husband to host the banquet. They will also be able to speak as long as they’d like.

Patty Rocklage recently stated that she is just happy she can help her community. She also stated that she will continue to help the MIT School of Science any way possible. She is also humbled that MIT is going to let her host their upcoming banquet.