The Benefits Of Drinking Waiakea Water

Bottled water has many benefits that outweigh tap water and is a reason why people are more inclined to choose bottled water over tap water. All bottled water companies are not equal. Factors like quality, taste and accessibility come into play when discussing which bottled water brands are the best. Some companies source their water from places you would not think of. For example, alkaline water is not always what one would think. Sometimes the source of alkaline water comes from tap water that is filtered through a machine that raises the pH of the water.

Waiakea Water is a brand of water that has created a strong product with volcanic water benefits. This water brand is not like the other ones on the market. This water is exactly what it says it is. It is truly a Hawaii volcanic water. It is one of the only of its kind on the market. Drinking this water, can give people peace that they are truly drinking something that has been sourced from ethical places. The cost of this water is worth its value unlike many other brans that up the price for what is regular tap water.

Waiakea Water stands out from the competition due to its alkalinity. This is important because alkalinity and pH affect the body. Many people are not aware of how this affects the body. Foods that are high in acid and drinks too can affect the health of the body in a negative way. Therefore, it is very important to know the pH of the food and beverages you consume.

Waiakea water pH has taken a different route when creating water with healthy levels of pH. The pH of this water is 8.2. Having a pH level of 8.2 guarantees that this pH will not cause damage to the body but instead offers many health benefits. The company has worked to make sure this water is like none other by being apart of the intricate part of sourcing water, developing a healthy and natural pH, the branding of the company and sustainable works around the world.