Sky Is The Limit For Paul Mampilly

According to PRNewswire, a research service owned by Paul Mampilly, known as Profits Unlimited crossed a major landmark. The newsletter has 60, 000 subscribers, making it among the fastest growing in the industry of investment. Mampilly used to work as a hedge fund manager. For two decades, he worked on Wall Street for clients like Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. He won a competition for investment that was put on by the John Templeton Foundation; he turned an investment worth $50 million into $88 million for a 76 percent gain during the financial crisis time, without shorting stocks.

Last year, Mampilly signed to the company known as Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could start Profits Unlimited to guide the Americans on Main Street into investment opportunities that are profitable. Every month he recommends a stock that’s new in a newsletter of eight pages that he emails to his subscribers. Mampilly updates them weekly on stocks either one or two in the model portfolio.


According to, Mampilly said that he would help you find the next Amazon, Pfizer, and Google so that you could have massive gains. He’ll carefully be guiding you on the Wall Street jungle filled with people having upper hand in access to the relevant companies’ information. He continued saying that he was a former insider and he’s using his knowledge, research, and connections, he finds a stock that goes up quickly due to the following:
• Mispricing from Wall Street manipulation or human emotion
• New technologies that a company creates in solving a need that’s known in the marketplace
• The company has an edge that’s unknown, only the early investors and the insiders are aware of.

Mampilly believes that our lives are going to be revolutionized by the latest technologies hitting the marketplace. He said that the revolution would generate tremendous investment money making opportunities, for those who understood what stocks to buy and what companies would benefit. Paul Mampilly stated that the opportunity for you to get generational wealth is available. That’s why he’ll make investment trends and technology a big part of what he’ll be writing.