Running an Environmentally Friendly Company: Flavio Maluf’s Story

Eucatex Group of Companies is one of the most innovative companies which work to develop wood products in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex Group of Companies. According to hi leadership, the company has gained the tremendous amount of success in management and production of their goods and services to the Brazilian Market as well as the outside world. For the company on, nothing thrills them than to develop high-end management structures which work to develop high-end management portfolio structures which will never end in the near future. The company also engages in the development of products using Eucalyptus tree which are known to protect the environment.

When Eucatex Group of Companies was founded in 1951, it was one of the most innovative companies in the production of management services. For this reason, they worked to provide their products through the most innovative procedures in Brazil. Eucatex Group of Companies is one of the only companies in the country which has worked to protect the environment. According to the management portfolio service in the country at, nothing has come with other factors to give rise to the criterion which is in the region. Eucatex Group of Companies has also stayed ahead of the rest in terms of innovation and technology use in the country.

Flavio Maluf is the brains behind the success story of the company. This is because he has led the company through various roads of success and management which have developed its structure in such a way no one has ever seen in any business in Brazil. For over a half a century, Eucatex Group of Companies has worked to protect the environment. During the time the company was being incepted as a corporation in Brazil, there were very few laws which would govern the conducts towards conserving the environment for the future. For this reason, Eucatex Group of Companies has worked to develop high-end structures which never fail.

Flavio Maluf has worked to take the company into higher levels of production and profitability. He is the man behind the company’s exports to certain countries in the world. Moreover, Flavio Maluf has also increased its production and management practice.