Roseann Bennett Helping Individuals With Mental Health Disorders


Roseann Bennett has been practicing as a family therapist and relationship coach for many years and has helped hundreds of individuals throughout her career to rebuild their lives and repair their relationships. Roseann Bennett says that as a family therapist in New Jersey for nearly ten years, she came across people from all walks of life and witnessed a steady growth in stress in the lives of people. Bennett believes that it is essential that people start to note any sign of mental health issues seriously and not take it lightly.


Roseann Bennett is also the co-founder and executive director of Center for Assessment and Treatment. Over the years, Roseann Bennett has been able to help many people heal from the mental health problems that they were suffering from through the holistic treatment she provides. Problems such as anxiety and depression are entering the lives of people at a very young age, and it is becoming a severe problem that needs to be addressed clinically. At Center for Assessment and Treatment, the primary goal is to help the patients from the low-income families and underprivileged people to get the treatment they need but cannot afford. See This Page for additional information.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment has grown to become one of the leading centers for providing treatment for mental health illness in New Jersey. Many other mental health experts are associated with the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and the list of experts visiting the facility continues to grow with time. As a charitable organization that is non-profit, Center for Assessment and Treatment has a mass appeal. However, it does not compromise on the quality of care and treatment provided to the patients. Roseann Bennett ensures that the modern treatment methods and techniques are used to provide patients with the best treatment at the best value.


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