Omar Boraie: A Visionary with All-round Development in The Projects

Omar Boraie, the founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Boraie Development is committed to providing all-round development of the locality where his firm invests in. Omar believes that it is the duty of the real estate builders to ensure the adequate infrastructure in their projects. He believes that it is part of the quality and committed delivery of the projects. Due to this, he ensures that all of the projects completed by Boraie Development is also working on the total infrastructure of the locality with recreational facilities, hospitality options, healthcare, etc.

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick-based real estate firm with more than 30 years of quality service. The firm is actively involving in various real-estate related businesses such as real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. He changed the face of New Brunswick with some residential, commercial, and retail projects. The projects include The Aspire – a residential apartment with all the modern amenities and infrastructure, Albany Street Plaza – a commercial building constructed in 2 towers and provides 250,000 sq.ft. Office space and 20,000 sq.ft. of retail space, and 390 George Street – another commercial building with 60,000 sq.ft. Office space.

The firm also worked on various projects in Newark, and Atlantic City and that have changed the total landscape of the cities. One Rector Street is a major residential building in Newark with easy access to downtown New Jersey and all the infrastructure facilities available. The Beach at South Inlet is a major residential apartment in Atlantic City. Cityplex 12 is a retail store cum Movie Theater in Newark, which is attracting a large number of young generation for recreation and shopping. The firm also has various residential and commercial projects in Montgomery and Milltown.

Omar is not only developing New Brunswick, but he is also making philanthropic and other contributions to make the city better. Omar Boraie is actively involved in the operations of State Theatre of New Jersey, he is a trustee of the theater and donates large chunks of money for its operations and developments. Omar thinks that the cultural roots can be displayed and encouraged through the state theater. He is actively working with Elijah’s Promise, a charity organization that according to Rutgers magazine is working to break the poverty cycle of the downtrodden in New Jersey. The firm is working on eradicating hunger and poverty, creating jobs and businesses to give opportunities, providing healthy and safe food and water, and enabling individuals to sustain themselves via training, counseling, support, etc.

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