NGP VAN with Yoshi Mori, Immigration Activist

NGP VAN is a privately owned voter database used by the American Democratic Party, Democratic Campaigns and other non-profit organizations. Yash Mori is a professional digital developer and organizer and has worked in most state campaigns including with Hillary Clinton, United We Dream and many more. He became a digital organizer based on the assumption that people make about young people that they are always good at social media and he used the opportunity. A great storyteller is one who bases their stories on experiences. Telling a story one should make sure that it is a true one and having an adventure through you or a person that you know very intimately.

The NGP VAN when interviewing Yash, he advises the candidate to, first of all, listen to a particular community before telling their story especially if it is the first interaction with them. A face-to-face conversation is the most suitable in telling a story of a community that you are less directed to. When having a conversation with a community, NGP VAN advises asking the inhabitants to give the information needed correctly to have an active and efficient talk. Many successful online campaigns are explicit, have clear, distinct voice that stands out from the rest of the campaigners.

When thinking about launching a new campaign, digital needs to be at the table from the beginning of story writing. Yash Mori argues that the younger organizers are willing to take a more significant risk since they have that energy on trying to do storytelling at the best standards. He also says that people should make everything possible to make sure that the next generations have all the resources they need to succeed in their day to day life. Having a different voice in stories allows one to be unique thus strengthening their presence online. For this reason, it is advisable for the candidates to use digital storytelling as a platform for their campaigns.

Much of digital storytelling comes from the teamwork process. The process of storytelling helps in building plans, organizational and time management skills. Digital storytelling in communities helps learn essential literacy skills such as voice in a narrative form. Yash Mori says it was necessary to learn community organizing before joining digital platforms because he still applies the basic principles in his works. NGP VAN realizes that everybody wants to venture in the field of storytelling to figure out how to assist their campaigns.