MB2 Dental Allows Dentists to Focus on Patient Care

Many professionals love the area they chose to make their living in. Lawyers want to practice law. Doctors want to see and treat sick people. Accountants want to keep books.

And dentists want to fill cavities and make give their patients beautiful smiles.

They don’t go into those professions to become entrepreneurs and businesspeople. They don’t enjoy the details of setting up an office, hiring staff and keeping the books.

And that has become more difficult than ever. The government requires much more extensive record-keeping and professional compliance.

Decades ago, they could take out ads in the local Yellow Pages, and that was their marketing. They attracted a certain amount of local business, and that’s what they expected. People used to pay with cash or a check. Now, insurance creates a maze of complicated paperwork.

As a dentist himself, Dr. Chris Villanueva understands that. That’s why he founded MB2 Dental Solutions. They act as a business partneer to practice owners and affiliated dentists, helping them with the business details. Dental schools don’t teach dentists how to grow their practices, fire an incompetent employee or obtain the best price for supportive services. Most dentists just aren’t experienced at running a small business, which is what a private dental practice is. However, each dentist maintains control over their practice and the standard of care they provide to patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions is one of the few doctor-owned dental support companies in the country. It’s had 70 locations in six states. Those are Texas, Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee. It has 533 employees. Every two years, they run Owner’s Retreats to places such as Cabo San Lucas or go white-water rafting. This allows dentists to exchange ideas with each other.

MB2 Dental is disrupting the dental field by partnering this way with practicing dentists. It allows any new dentists to set up a new practice instead of limiting their potential by working for an established dental clinic. This also allows dentists to serve patients in outlying areas. Established dentists can remain in business for themselves and grow their practices without risking their livelihoods or learning business skills they don’t really enjoy. One of their customers is Dr. Villaneuva’s wife, Carol, who’s a dentist practicing in Texas.

Dr. Villanueva insists on putting the patients first, ahead of profits. But high standards leads to high patient satisfaction. That means more repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. This makes his affiliate dentists happy.

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