MB2 Dental; a Practice Built On Kindness to Practitioners and Patients

MB2 Dental is an American dental clinic with more than 60 branches spread across six states in the US. Each of the six facilities has a clinical autonomy; which basically means that each practitioner in any MB2 Dental facility has the responsibility to independently decide how to intervene.



MB2 Dental is dentist-owned firm founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, who is also the group’s chief executive officer. He started the practice right after he graduated from the dental school. All he wanted was to be a part of an organization with a complete clinical autonomy and less bureaucracy. As he recalls, his only options were to join a group of dentists in corporate dentistry or start his own practice as a sole practitioner. Each side could come with its set of unique advantages and challenges. After much consideration, he decided to go with the latter. Having his own practice meant being the sole owner, and he could mold a practice that brought the best of both sides. Dr. Villanueva had spent enough time on both sides of the industry and knew exactly what he needed to do to put together an all-around dental clinic without ruining the integrity of his much-acclaimed line of work.



Besides clinical operations, the facilities provide other non-clinical services such as procurement, IT, training and certification, accounting and finance, marketing, and staff recruiting. MB2 Dental services started small, but the group has grown to be one of the reputable dental practices in the country. MB2 Dental is also one of the fastest growing ‘hybrid’ dental groups in the country. Hybrid dentures are preferred to traditional dentures because of the reduced bone loss during the placement of implants, reinstating natural appearance, facial structure integrity, and normal function without corrective surgeries.

When he founded MB2 Dental, Dr. Villanueva created something that has long been lacking in the Dental sector of health care industry. A company that focusses on the well-being of the patients and the practitioners by giving them special attention and helping them grow. Under the close-knit leadership of Dr. Villanueva, MB2 Dental has built a community of over 500 employees spread out in the practice’s offices in six U.S. states.

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