Keeping Contraband Out of Prisons with Securus Technologies

I have worked as a corrections officer in our prison for three decades, and in that time I have seen just about every type of contraband the inmates can get their hands on. We used to monitor the inmates by doing cell inspections all the time, but overcrowding and creativity have given the inmates a huge advantage over the officers. To keep everyone from visitors officers, to inmates safe, we have to work diligently to keep the drugs from entering the prison in the first place.


As gang populations in the prison system increase, so does the flow of drugs and weapons in the hands of the inmates. The top-level gang members in jail don’t get their hands dirty, so they call on low-level soldiers to carry the contraband to the jail, to distribute it to the inmates, and to sell it to make money for the top ranking gang members. My job is to find the choke-point and eliminate this flow, but that has been easier said then done.


With so many things going against us at the visitor checkpoints in the prison, and inmates on to our cell inspections, I came across a way to stop the problem with the help of the inmates. These inmates all have one thing in common, they simply love to talk. The more they are getting away with, the more they like to brag to one another. Securus Technologies installed a state-of-the-art inmate call system in our prison, so when the inmates call each other or family and friends on the outside, we use the LBS software to hear things in a whole new light.


Now when inmates talk about doing drugs in their cells, ordering inmates to sell drugs, or getting in a shipment at the visitor center, we simply respond accordingly.