Jeff Herman’s Passion In Finding Justice For The Sexually Abused Victims

About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a renowned attorney and advocate who deal with cases on sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and rape. He operates his practice through his law firm that is known as Herman Law. As a dedicated attorney, Herman strives to expose the sexual predators besides sensitizing the people on sexual abuse on children. In the past, he has exposed sex scandals such as that by the clergy from the Archdiocese of Miami.

Further, in 2011, he exposed another sexual abuse case that resulted in a Verdict Of $100 Million. What’s more, he has represented numerous cases of men who have been victims of sexual abuse from Kevin Clash, the former Elmo puppeteer. Besides, Jeff Herman has also been featured in the local and international media platform for his expertise in dealing with sexual cases. Some of the media he has since appeared include the CNN, FOX, The New York Times, and Forbes among many others.


About Jeff Herman’s Career at the Herman Law

Jeff Herman’s started off his law career in helping victims of sexual abuse in the1990s after he heard of an abuse case of a pre-school child. He felt a lot of compassion to the victim who in this case was a boy with autism and had been a victim of the sexual abuse while still in his early childhood. It was not until then that Herman decided to concentrate on his career as an attorney representing the marginalized victims of sex abuse. In his investigation of the boy’s case, he was able to unveil that the child was abused by an employee who happened to be a pedophile convict. Read This Article for related information about Jeff Herman.

Furthermore, over the years, Herman Law, led by Jeff Herman as its Founder and Managing Partner, grew tremendously to be one of the top organizations dealing with sexual abuse cases. As a result of his line of practice in dealing with the sexual nature offences, Herman has represented many, hence bringing justice to people and families in the community. Moreover, led by Jeff Herman, the Herman Law firm has invested         heavily in high customer care and an investigative unit where they handle the cases by first exercising due diligence. Additionally, the firm has also grown through referrals, which can be attributed to being as a result of the high ethics that Herman Law holds.