Hearing from Sean Penn on his new work

Facist tendencies have crossed the mainstream recently, with the rise of nationalism. Sean Penn seems to address this with his new book “”Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. In interviews with Vogue and La Jolla Light, he talks about how his fear for human nature, makes him think that humans will naturally turn from democracy to facist tendencies. In his new book. the story talks about Bob.

Bob Honey is the main character who is angry and unhappy with his life. He goes around killing older people, that he views are holding back progress, with a mallet. The story touches on several recent events in the U.S., including the 2016 elections, the officer shootings in Dallas, and at one point Bob writes an angry letter to the president of the U.S. ; Mr. Landlord or Mr. President Trump. It is clear that Penn is trying to create an interesting parallel between his absurd character, and that of the angry American. Penn says that Bob is supposed to symbolize someone who is compelled to serve their country, even when they are mandated to. This can explain Bob’s mallet wielding murder sprees for the sake of “progress.”

Penn then gives a background on the possible reasoning behind the book’s theme. He discusses how he felt that he needed to write this book, and step away from being an actor. It appears that Bob is a symbol for Penn’s anger at the current state of American affairs. In Vogue, from his L.A. house, Penn describes how his book has a parallel view as to that of the #metoo movement. And in the Trevor Noah he discusses the flaws in American policy, from Trump’s comments towards Haiti, to his friendship with dictators his interview with El Chapo. From the interviews, it is clear that Penn is dissatisfied with the U.S.’s role in the world and feels it is his job to speak of it.