Heal And Soothe Replenishes Needed Enzymes For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a massive problem in the United States. And the issue of chronic pain is difficult for some families, therapists, doctors and friends to talk about. Treating chronic pain is not so straightforward. There are many different treatments for chronic pain available as well as many different communities trying to treat chronic pain in different ways. So it is difficult to understand what might work for you.

One of these varying ways to treat chronic pain is through the use of enzymes. Systemic Enzyme Therapy is a natural process that uses enzymes to maximize positive results. Systemic Enzyme Therapy utilizes these enzymes to reap the benefits of more than 12 different natural pain fighters.

One of these natural enzyme companies is called Heal and Soothe. The enzyme formula was created by Living Well Nutraceuticals which is a current member of the American Nutraceuticals Association. The company aims to provide safe, natural and traditional medications for chronic pain sufferers.

Heal N Soothe isn’t your standard painkiller. This product is made from a natural source instead of being made in a laboratory with chemical fillers. Heal N Soothe is strictly organic in nature as its ingredients grow straight from the earth.

The idea behind Heal and Soothe comes from Dr. Max Wolf. The doctor has over 30 years of experience working in the Columbia University system where he studied pain as well as its link to aging. He was fascinated as to why younger people heal much more quickly than older people. He discovered that younger people were better at producing enzymes which healed them quicker

Dr. Max Wolf then discovered that the body’s natural production of enzymes began to diminish right around the age of 27. Without these enzymes, the bodies pain response was vastly different, and inflammation stayed for much longer. These enzymes also helped the body rid itself of free radicals which had a negative impact on pain.

The doctor discovered that these enzymes were the body’s first response to pain. Essentially, the enzymes serve as the body’s first line of defense. So the doctor set out to create a medicine that would replenish these enzymes to make pain easier to deal with. The enzymes would also help to eliminate free radicals inside the body which would have a positive impact on unwanted inflammation caused by chronic pain. Find Related Information Here.

Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of proteolytic enzymes with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results and thus Changed The Supplement Industry.


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