Dr. Chris Villanueva: MB2 Dental’s Founder out to Make a Difference in Dentistry

A visit to the dentist is widely considered to be a comfortable process to most patients. However, most if not all doctors will attest to the fact that such visit mainly culminate into complicated matters. Apart from providing high-quality medical care, dentists have a legal obligation to executing administrative and nonclinical duties as well. Such duties necessitated the establishment of MB2 Dental which uniquely focuses on providing practice management to practitioners adept at focusing on what matters the most in their occupation. The MB2 Dental recently concluded a bi-annual Owner’s retreat in Cancun, Mexico where 40 prominent dentists and their spouses enjoyed four glorious days.

How MB2 Dental Transforms Dental Care

Founded by Dr. Chris Villanueva and his like-minded experts, the company focuses on providing personal growth, autonomy and unwavering support to medical discoveries. Through the latest retreat, the company has successfully promoted dentist-to-dentist relationships that uniquely better each other personally and professionally. The Cancun excursion brought together top dentists from New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee with the sole intention of unwinding from their hectic schedules.

The Principle behind MB2 Dental

According to Chris Villanueva, the company firmly believes in the principle that doctors can accomplish more as a group rather than working independently in their respective locations. Villanueva’s insightful leadership and keen business acumen have come in handy in the employment of over 533 employees in more than 78 branches in six States. Under Villanueva’s leadership, the company has impressively found the balance between work and life while delivering high-quality medical services.

Breaking Down Dental Practice Stereotypes

As the mastermind behind MB2, Villanueva is of the opinion that synergy among doctors allows them to accomplish more rather than focusing on their individual practices. By breaking down such barriers, MB2 Dental provides a dynamic approach to youthful and fresh perspective on the development and management of medical practices. Such a dynamic approach delves beyond the confines of profit margin while also promoting innovative improvements that satisfy patients.

Building a Progressive Business Culture

MB2’s approach has been widely tipped to be the next revolutionary strategy in medical development. In essence, it empowers dentists to reach their full potential while also enabling complete control over their practice. In a nutshell, the business culture ensures that MB2 is: