Cassio Audi Music and Investing Career

Cassio Audi is a prominent investing professional in Brazil. Before he entered the investment industry, Cassio Audi was in a famous band that played across the country. Cassio Audi still uses his free time to play in shows in Brazil.

Cassio Audi grew up in a family that encouraged him to learn about music. He wanted to help people in various ways through his musical performances. Over time, he was able to learn new ways to play multiple instruments.


Cassio Audi attended college and wanted to learn about music. Many of his teachers encouraged him to major in a different subject. They claimed it would be impossible for him to earn a living playing music. Cassio Audi decided to major in business and music. He ended up playing in a rock band for several years after college. The group would eventually dissolve, and he turned his attention to investment planning.

Changes in Brazil

Brazil is a country that is changing rapidly. Few people understand all of the economic implications of living in Brazil. Cassio Audi is an investment advisor who helps people plan for the future. With his background playing music, he can easily relate to people, unlike other financial planners. On the weekends, he travels around the country to play in shows. He has a unique career where he can help others while following his passion. Many people enjoy hearing stories from his career. He wants to continue investing in the lives of other people in his area.

Giving Back

Cassio Audi plays in several shows each year dedicated to charity. He firmly believes that successful people should give back to others in the community. Although Cassio Audi plans to continue working hard in his financial planning business, his real passion in life will always be playing music.