Alex Pall From The Chainsmokers Shares Secrets and Insights of Successful Career

Alex Pall is best know as one half of the DJ/performance duo, The Chainsmokers, which has been majorly successful in the short amount of time that they have been existence.

Since they first formed in 2013, Alex Pall and his partner Andrew Taggart have won a Grammy, have seen numerous singles hit the Billboard Top 100 and have broken records with their debut album. The duo have also traveled the world playing music for fans around the world.


Alex Pall grew up in the electronic dance music scene. He was DJ from a young age, long before he meant Andrew Taggart. But it was after his manager set him up with Taggart, who was in college at the time, that his career really started to take off. In a short time he went from playing for crowds of college kids to playing for adoring fans around the world, many of him who connected with the duo on social media. Pall says that receiving messages from fans on Instagram was amazing but getting to meet this fans while on tour was a whole new level.


As soon as the two DJ’s met, the started to get very serious about their career as musicians. Pall says that while they didn’t think of DJing as a job and didn’t want it to feel like work, they found themselves meeting every day from about 9 in the morning to about 7 pm each night to work on music, produce, and develop their personas and sound. They took everything very seriously and worked very hard on creating something they were very proud of that was and extension of themselves.



One thing that sets the Chainsmokers apart from most DJ’s and electronic music artists, is that they create and write all of their music themselves. Rather than remixing music that other artists have created, they have a unique, original sound that is a reflection of themselves. They have also worked with some of the worlds best artists, including Halsey, who was featured on their single Closer. With so much success behind them it is exciting to see what they will create next.